Thursday, May 26, 2011

*New Mixtape* NES.8BITST3P Part 1 // DJ FATFINGAZ

Here's another banger from NYC's own, DJ FATFINGAZ. The Nintendo laced, Dubstep mixtape has great production sound and mix. You also get the famous DJ FATFINGAZ scratches that he's known for. The intro alone will take you back. I like how he used the Power Glove scene from the movie "The Wizard", but the most creative part is how FATFINGAZ mixed the the key button sounds from the Power  Glove to the Daft Punk version, which the French electronic duo used in the intro for their 2007 Alive Tour Album. So dope. You can get more music updates, originals and remixes from DJ FATFINGAZ on Twitter and SoundCloud. Enjoy!

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