Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Works Of MI-ZO

Photographer Zoren Gold & graphic artist Minori Murakami aka MI-ZO met in Los Angles and started collaborating since 2000. The Tokyo-based duo since have pushed the boundaries of classical photography with their creative imagery. Their work begins with surrealistic photographs that they then expand upon and remake by using modern composition and digital editing techniques. You can check out more works from MI-ZO here.

Artists 4 Israel // The (re)Engagement Tour, Episode 4: The Colors Of Hebron

In this episode, Film Director Dred of Hot Mop Films captures the people, art and joy Hebron. Even in the midst of all the fear and violence, the citizens of Hebron find comfort and laughter in the bright colors of Artists 4 Israel and SKI & 2ESAE (UR NEW YORK), UTAH & ETHER, EWOK MSK and BAMER, SILO16 and DASE AFK. Enjoy.

Stay Tuned

A lot of exiting things are going to happen soon. The whole crew is getting ready. Just you wait and see..

Horodron HD-01 Concept Watch

This watch uses E-ink technology for both form and function, allowing the bold and radical lines to make the watch beautiful and readily visible. The Horodron HD-01 is made of glossy black metal, embellished with small chrome parts. Pretty dope.

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Music From Breakbot

Here's another sexy, groovy track from the French Disco kid, Breakbot. This one is entitled "Fantasy", featuring Ruckazoid on the vocals. The track is taken from Ed Banger Records' Collector Boxset The Bee Sides, which is in stores now. It has a very pre Off The Wall / Michael Jackson sound with the classic Breakbot feel. Pure awesomeness. Expect a proper album later in the year. You can get more music updates, remixes and originals from Breakbot on Twitter and Myspace. Enjoy!

Artists 4 Israel // The (re)Engagement Tour, Episode 3: Hebron: Behind The Scenes

This looks crazy. Makes me feel grateful that this isn't happening around our way. Artists 4 Israel get a very real sense of the fear and danger lurking in Hebron. Footage by DRED of Hot Mop Films. Stay tuned for the episode.

Hip Hop Fridays // T.Shirt

This track gained a lot of controversy on the internet this week. Personally, I think T.Shirt stepped his game up on this one. And the beat is on point. Can't get more Hip Hop then this. Just make sure you got that volume up when in play.

88? No, 86 the bullshit
I'm mad you hustling little niggas without the pool stick
I wanna expose you to the world that you're full of shit 
damn I'm disappointed, that loser shit

Produced by Ayesroc
::Listen/Download Don't Take It Personal (88-Keys Diss) - T.Shirt::::

Rooftop Weather

Always enjoy the weather.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Artists 4 Israel // The (re)Engagement Tour, Episode 2: For The Kids

I love the way DRED films. So organic. Here's episode 2 of Artists 4 Israel. At the Ein Gedi Kibbutz, at a center for at-risk youth, the international roster of the world's greatest graffiti artists set fire to the night. The kids really enjoyed the work they did and it was also a great connection everyone mutually shared. Make Art, Not War! Stay tuned for episode 3 tomorrow.

The Works Of Sakke Soini

I'm really feeling this dudes work. Sakke Soini is a talented 27-year-old Designer, DJ, and VJ from Finland. I really like the colors and style of graphics he incorporates. Keep an eye out for future projects. More info on Sakke Soini here.

*New Mixtape* NES.8BITST3P Part 1 // DJ FATFINGAZ

Here's another banger from NYC's own, DJ FATFINGAZ. The Nintendo laced, Dubstep mixtape has great production sound and mix. You also get the famous DJ FATFINGAZ scratches that he's known for. The intro alone will take you back. I like how he used the Power Glove scene from the movie "The Wizard", but the most creative part is how FATFINGAZ mixed the the key button sounds from the Power  Glove to the Daft Punk version, which the French electronic duo used in the intro for their 2007 Alive Tour Album. So dope. You can get more music updates, originals and remixes from DJ FATFINGAZ on Twitter and SoundCloud. Enjoy!

Calzedonia Spring 2011 Campaign

Sexy model Cameron Russell becomes the face for the Italian label Calzedonia Spring 2011 Campaign. Lensed by famed Victoria's Secret photographer Russell James, the American beauty gives a steamy series on the beach in colorful swimwear with tropical prints and colors.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Artists 4 Israel // The (re)Engagement Tour, Episode 1: Floating Away

Artists 4 Israel is on a mission to paint messages of support from the graffiti community to the heart and soul of Israel from Gaza Strip to Tel Aviv. Featuring Belin OGT, SEVER MSK, EWOK MSK, UR New York (2ESAE & SKI), UTAH and ETHER from MUL. Filmed by DRED of Hot Mop Films, they visit the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and a kibbutz playroom for at-risk youth. Stay tuned for Episode 2 tomorrow. Make Art, Not War!

Lunch In The Kitchen

Come and get it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Works Of Steven Lippman

Steven Lippman is an accomplished photographer from Los Angeles, CA. who was raised on a steady diet of TV dinners and soda pop. He is known for producing images that exemplify the mood and texture of a lifestyle he has helped create. More info on Steven Lippman here.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Highlife EP // Thierry Roland

The Canadian French/Disco House producer/DJ Thierry Roland graces our ears once again with his latest release, Highlife EP. With remixes by Yella Finesse, Ecxellior, DJ Kross and DeeJMD, this EP is sure to hit our dancefloors in full swing. Thierry Roland also made 2 cool ass videos for "Highlife" & "Falling In Love". Sexy chicks in bikinis tanning on the beach or on a car waterbed is ALWAYS a great look, and I really like the sampling he uses on both tracks. They have a great energy and sound to bring in those Summer nights. I'm definitely putting these tracks on my DJ sets. Make sure to like the Highlife EP on Facebook. Also you can check out more music updates, remixes and originals from Thierry Roland on Twitter and SoundCloud. Enjoy!

Inception Chair

This is some interesting furniture. Very creative. Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu.