Friday, October 29, 2010

New Music From Jamiroquai

Jay Kay and his band A.K.A. Jamiroquai, are preparing to release their seventh studio album, Rock Dust Light Star, which will be released on November 1, over five years since 2005's Dynamite. This is the first teaser from the album which already got remixed a couple of times, which makes the original track more massive. Enjoy.

::::Listen/Download White Knuckle Ride - Jamiroquai:::

Hip Hop Fridays

This is the second installment of rapper T. Shirt's "Life Series: 01", titled "David Hasselhoff (To My Brothers)". The smooth beat is produced by B Ski, and the amazing artwork cover is by Reno Msad of Spek Studios. So here is the "Life Series: 01 // David Hasseloff (To My Brothers)". Enjoy! "Hats off, we blast off with the mask off!"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Music From Cinnamon Chasers

Cinnamon Chasers is a one-man project of Russ Davies. From the newly released EP Sunset Drive, the EP is full of down to earth electro vibes, soft spoken lyrics, and catchy melodies. Enjoy.

::::Listen/Download You - Cinnamon Chasers::::

Jam Sutton x N.E.R.D.

Photographer and visual artist Jam Sutton shot N.E.R.D. for their brand new album "Nothing", which is scheduled to release on November 2nd. The photos look amazing and the final product is top notch. Working with UK based illustrator Ben Normanton for the 'Psychic Eye' graphic look (peep the Star Trak hands), they capture the band in rare and exiting form. The shoot took place in Manchester (UK) and NYC, while the band was on tour.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Remix From John Poincarré

John PoincarrĂ© is a French House producer from Sarajevo who resides in Nantes, France. There's really not that much info on the kid, but his music can speak for itself. Recently he released a bunch of remixes, and this is one of them. He uses "What About Me" by famous 70's disco band, Chic, and takes it to a whole another level. Enjoy.

New Music Video l Bang Bang Bang l Mark Ronson

If you don't know who Mark Ronson is by now, you're in the wrong business. Google him. I dare you. From producing albums for Amy Winehouse to Robbie Williams, the UK music producer has been keeping himself real busy the past couple of years. Now he's back with Q-Tip and MNDR aka Amanda Warner to join him as part of his label, Business INTL on this new track off his forthcoming album, Record Collection, which is out now. Shoutout to Reno Msad for showing me this music video! Enjoy!

Crystal Renn By Seth Sabal

Crystal Renn poses for a series of short yet sweet photos by photographer Seth Sabal. Wearing lingerie and cardigans, this pretty kitty kat has smokey eyes that make every photo stand out.

The Ecomo House

Now this is some sexy place to take a shorty or two. Located in Pietro Russo, South Africa, the Ecomo House is a compact home designed for modern, simple living in collaboration with it's nature surroundings. It's goes by green design principles and offers a big freedom to simply increase the size of the house when needed. Architecture by Pietro Russo.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tron: Legacy l Daft Punk l Derezzed Video

This is the brand new trailer/music video from Daft Punk, which also showcases one of their newest singles, "Derezzed", which is on the "Tron Legacy" soundtrack. I've heard fake versions of this track a couple of months ago, but nothing beats the real deal. The digital and physical release of the soundtrack will be available on November 22, while the motion picture still stands for its December 17th premiere.

New Music From Ferola

Brooklyn's afterhour crowd pleaser, Ferola does it again, and satisfies the Disco masses. Using Jimmy Bo Horne's last single "Is It In" from 1980, the heavy bassline and sampling makes this a true Ferola edit. I'm thinking of playing this track at my next loft party, but until then, you can snatch up the track here. Enjoy.

The ZR1 Corvette Extreme Body Kit Edition

The ZR1 Corvette is one of the finest American made supercars money can buy and definitely the best bang for you buck. Also, special kit for the ZR1 runs around $7,000, which is worth it if this the final product. Definitely on the list of toys to get.

Spacebar By Montro

Spacebar by Montro on Threadless. I really like this t shirt! I'm always into anything catchy and this one hits the spot. Just bought it the other day and I think you should too. If your'e interested in purchasing this cool t shirt, click here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Music From Chromeo

At this point, Dave 1 and P-Thugg A.K.A. Chromeo, has mastered the Quincy Jones influenced production style but what's great about the new album, Business Casual, is the modern elements they're adding. Also, the awesome lyrics on this track leads me to believe that Dave 1 is talking to someone very specific here. Gotta love real music! Enjoy.

::Listen/Download Hot Mess - Chromeo::::

Dixonbaxi Film Logo Sting

Came across this the other day and thought it was clever and very creative. Onur Senturk was commissioned to create a logo sting for Dixonbaxi's new organic film branch. The final product looks top notch and Darvin Silva worthy! Check it out. More info and other projects on Onur Senturk here.

Hip Hop Friday

For the following month of October and right into November, I'll be dedicating Hip Hop Fridays to the most overlooked rapper in the biz, T. Shirt. Even though he started his "Life Series: 01"campaign early this month, I'd figure I'll post up his recent and new weekly tracks to catch up and share with you the reason why this kid is going to blow up soon. I've worked with him on several projects and all I can say is that he's got the talent and the drive to launch himself right into outerspace! Also the amazing artwork cover comes to you courtesy of the Art Designer superstar for Spek Studios and great friend, Reno Msad! So here I present to you the "Life Series: 01 // End Of Summer". Enjoy!

::::Listen/Download Life Series: 01 // End Of Summer - T.Shirt::::

Kim Kardashian Nude l W Magazine

Kim Kardashian's outfits often leave little to the imagination, and now it'll be even easier to picture the curvaceous reality star naked. She appears nude (she's covered in silver body paint from the shoulders down) in the November "art issue" of W Magazine, which are in newsstands now. Shoutout to the good people at for the full scans. Boing!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Phoenix & Daft Punk LIVE Oct. 20. 2010 @ Madison Square Garden

Last night while I was in DJing in the city, little did I know just a couple of blocks away, Daft Punk makes a surprise appearance at the Phoenix // Dirty Projectors // Waves show at Madison Square Garden. They did "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and added extra synths and noise to Phoenix's "1901". For those who don't know, Daft Punk and Phoenix have a cool connection that dates back since they were teenagers, but I'll let you google that and educate yourself. Until then, check out these videos I found of the two performances they did last night. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Elias Widerdal Showreel 2010

Elias Widerdal is a 20 year old 3D-artist from Sweden, who studied Motion Graphic Design at the School Hyper Island in Sweden. The kid is under the radar and is about to make it big real soon. This is his first showreel. More info and bookings on Elias Widerdal here.

The Future

Pretty self explanatory. If you don't get it, you're in the WRONG game.

Will Divide Birthday Bash

Come Celebrate years in the making with an entourage of amazing individuals. Artists of all trades and mediums will be attending to collectivity commemorate the "Man behind the Curtain" (Oz). The music will be sexy. The drinks will be plentiful, and the room will reek of good times and big things! Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes. Retro Electro and Hennessy Sidecars are a Killer Mix!! Let us not forget people....IT'S A PARTY!!!! Just Look Good. Covers On Me. Drinks on You. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Diplo Interview

In this well edited, black and white video, we join Wesley Pentz, AKA Diplo, who is also part of Major Lazer, at the annual Philadelphia block party of record label Mad Decent. Diplo shares his thoughts on people, culture and traveling, and the processes behind his music, all while taking us on his everyday routines. Big shoutout to my boy DRED of Hot Mop Films for showing me this dope interview! Enjoy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Music From Meroz

Midwest French House connoisseur Meroz returns with some deep funky disco sounds for the masses. I recently heard it being played at a sexy loft party in NYC and I had to have it! The samples on this track are right on the money and the overall sound carries a sexiness from outer space. Enjoy.

::::Listen/Download Summertime Shandy - Meroz::::

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Music From Dirty 1200

The boys from Sweden, Dirty 1200, come out with another banger. This track right here is a sexy one. Great track to spin at 2:36 A.M. Trust me, I know.

::::Listen/Download Bedroom Tango - Dirty 1200::::

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thomas Pereira AKA Akutou Loves You

Thomas Pereira is a awesome Illustrator from Paris, France. And what do you think his favorite subject matter is? Women! More info on Thomas Pereira here.