Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Music From Yaaman

Hip Hop DJ who switched to Dance, Yaaman (pronounced in a Jamaican accent) is a producer/DJ from the country of Ukraine. I definitely like the Disco-House tracks that he makes and I hear he does a weekly radio show (more info on Yaaman here). Either way, the kid got style and I think you'll feel the same. Enjoy.

::::Listen/Download Only You - Yaaman::::

Alisa M. l Greata Ilieva For Exit Magazine

Storm's Alisa M. has a case of the blues for EXIT Magazine's Spring/Summer edition. She looks really good in those denims of Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein Jeans and Levi's. The spread shots are pretty good and I like the whole bunny theme as well.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I Love Cherries

Cherries have a very short growing season and can grow in most temperate latitudes. They contain great nutritional value and flavor. The peak season for cherries is in the summer, so eat up!

Hip Hop Fridays

I'm pulling this classic out the archives to celebrate the summer here in NYC. I've always liked this track right here and personally think this was Mr. Smith's best audio work, but that's my opinion. Enjoy.

::::Listen/Download Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince::::

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Rubber" Soundtrack Teaser

French electro artist Mr. Oizo has released an extended preview of the soundtrack for his upcoming film, "Rubber". Featuring music by Mr. Oizo himself and Gaspard Auge (of Justice), you can see a very intriguing video that increases the anticipation of the film.

New Music From Druma Kina

Druma Kina is Simei Dublinski, a musician from Sao Paulo, Brazil. So far every track he put out is pretty good. His style on sampling 70's and 80's tracks mixed with electro and house beats goes perfect with my DJ sets. This one right has a very chill/afterhour feel to it. Enjoy.

::::Listen/Download Summer Rain - Druma Kina::::

VILLA-K l Cell Space Architects

This site is located on a hilltop in one of the eminent Karuizawa villa areas of Japan. All directions around the site are clear for view in winter. The villa consists of four parts of floors and four parts of roofs around a central pillar. The four floors placed on different levels are connected to the surrounding out space through windows in order to give diverse views for the residents. What's also kinda cool about this place is that the four roofs are connected with different angles of one another, giving sunlight coming through the slits between the roofs which  highlights a division of inner spaces.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Illustrations By Raccoonnook

Raccoonnook or Nook as they call him around the way, is a really talented illustrator who is based here in Brooklyn, New York. Here is some of his work in recent years. More info on the kid here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Breakbot Video l Baby I'm Yours (Feat. Irfane)

Ed Banger has just released Breakbot's new music video, "Baby I'm Yours". It was directed and handmade by Irina Dakeva @ Wizz. The video goes quite well with the vibe that Breakbot and Irfane (vocals) bring. This is definitely Darvin Silva approved.

Check Please

"Excuse me, I think the fish is a little undercooked."

Adidas Consortium Micropacer Lux Brogue

From the buttery 'Expresso' leather to the Trefoil wingtips, and the wheat leather outsole with traditional tailored brogue stitch etchings, this updated version of the classic Adidas Micropacer is such a rich mix of past and future. Well worth buying. Look for these in the Consortium Series.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Music From Les Petits Pilous

Les Petits Pilous are Anthony Ferrando and Jean-Patrick Simonetti from Paris, France. They started making music after attending a concert with Para One. Now, they are currently signed to Boys Noize Records. I see these guys releasing some serious tracks in the months to come. Enjoy.

::::Listen/Download Goog (Original Mix) - Les Petits Pilous::::

Morning Beauty l Mario Sorrenti

I love when a sexy bitch is shot in black & white. Photos by Mario Sorrenti. Original photos are published in Vogue Nippon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green


Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. Oizo l "Rubber" Teaser

French film director Quentin Dupieux, also known as Mr. Oizo from Ed Banger Records, has recently released a follow up to his 2007 film "Steak". The movie is called "Rubber" and it began shooting Oct. 2009. Recently announced, fellow label mates Justice worked on the soundtrack for the movie. Don't know when the movie will get here in the states, but I'll keep you posted.

New Music From Human Life

Making a big name for themselves in their hometown of Los Angeles,  Human Life is a really dope band making very good electro pop. Signed to Lifex Recordings, their debut track In It Together is set to drop this month (officially of course) with a handful of high profile remixes. Expect to hear a great deal more in the future from this band. Enjoy.

::::Listen/Download In It Together - Human Life::::