Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lana Del Rey "BORN TO DIE" Debut Album Out Now

Lana Del Rey. Real proud of this girl. Seen her on the come up a couple of months ago and now the whole world wants to know about her. So ILL. Her debut album "BORN TO DIE" officially hit stores and the internet today. SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC. You can purchase her album and/or check out her videos on her website here.


I came across this video over the weekend and thought it was pretty cool to share. The film was made by London based video artist Theo Taghlom using a digital stills camera to create a stop motion animation. You can check out more videos and info from Theo Tagholm here.

New Music From Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver

After meeting at a music production school, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver from Finland found out they share a smiliar taste in music. Since then, both guys have started crafting their own perfect blend of all things House, Disco & Electro. Perfect to get the party started. Currently, they've released original tracks through their new label, Discotexas, along with remixes by Xinobi, Justin Faust and Bright Shades. You can check out more music updates, originals and remixes from Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver on Twitter and SoundCloud. Enjoy.

::Listen/Download 22 - Jay Oliver & Jesse Oliver::::

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Works Of Zutto

These are some colorful pieces from Russian based illustrator Zutto. Her style has got a very cool and fresh feel to it. Great color contrast. For more works and info on Zutto, click here.

Manhattan In Motion

This is some great time-lapse footage from Mindrelic, in which he spent a little over a month hopping around Manhattan hotels. A Canon 5D mark ||, and Canon 7Ds were used to film. For more info and other projects from Mindrelic, click here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chole Lecareux For Grazia France

French model Chole Lecareux gives off a sexy seventies inspired look for the January edition of Grazia France. The shots are really dope and have perfect backdrop. Photography by Richard Bernardin.

New T.Shirt Album "THE FUCK" Available Now

Download here.
Executive Produced by T.Shirt // Art By JJJJOHN.


I WANT IT ALL (Produced by The Letter L)
PUERTO RICAN RUM (Produced by Mike G)
OLD MAN ANGST (Produced by DJ Cool C)
MY BITCH DON'T EVEN LIKE ME (Produced by Brady Becklo)
COMING UP (Produced by Brady Becklo)
SOUTHSIDE PHANTOM (Produced by Maker)
I NEVER KNEW MONEY (Produced by Brady Becklo)
MOONSHINE (Produced by Steel Tipped Dove)
SECRET PARIS OF THE 30's (Produced by Steel Tipped Dove)
SUCCESS TO ME (Produced by Ayesroc)

Charred Cedar House

Located in Hiroshima, Japan, the Charred Cedar House consists of three layers of different nature of space. Seen from the street, the first layer is a black box, the second layer void with spindly oblique steel pillars randomly piercing the space and the third layer gable black box floating on top. Architecture by Tetsuya Nakazono / naf Architect & Design.

The Works Of Liam Brazier

These are some great illustrations by U.K. artist Liam Brazier. Working as a professional freelance illustrator and animator, Liam's work has been commissioned by Samsung, Dazed & Confused and Virgin TV just to name a few. You can check out more works from Liam Brazier here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Video From T.Shirt // PUSSY (Essay)

Bonus cut from T.Shirt. Produced by Ryan Rasheed. Pretty edgy. Just the way it ought to be.

New album, THE FUCK drops Tuesday, the 17th.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Nixon 51-30 Chrono Gunship Watch

The Nixon 51-30 Chrono Gunship Watch is my kind of watch. Seen it the other day, so you know I had to put it up again. It has a unique gunship color and matt grey finish that is designed to breakdown with age, resulting in a timepiece that ages and builds character with time. You can check out more info on this and other Nixon watches here.

Rick Ross Drops "Rich Forever" Mixtape

Maybe the most anticipated Mixtape/Street Album in a long time. Great way for the Miami Boss to start off the new year. Already got some favorite tracks on rotation. Shout to the good people at illrapper on this one. I'm on my Miami shit.

::Download Rich Forever - Rick Ross::::


New Remix From Fare Soldi

Fare Soldi (meaning "making money" in Italian) was born in 1999 when two Italian producers named Santana Pasta and Luke Carnifull started melting different musical influences including Disco, Hip Hop and Indie Rock. The result what was they call "Frico Disco". Currently Fare Soldi travel the world delivering great music to the masses along with a number of remixes and originals under their belt. You can check out more music updates, originals and remixes from Fare Soldi on Twitter and SoundCloud. Enjoy.