Friday, October 22, 2010

Hip Hop Friday

For the following month of October and right into November, I'll be dedicating Hip Hop Fridays to the most overlooked rapper in the biz, T. Shirt. Even though he started his "Life Series: 01"campaign early this month, I'd figure I'll post up his recent and new weekly tracks to catch up and share with you the reason why this kid is going to blow up soon. I've worked with him on several projects and all I can say is that he's got the talent and the drive to launch himself right into outerspace! Also the amazing artwork cover comes to you courtesy of the Art Designer superstar for Spek Studios and great friend, Reno Msad! So here I present to you the "Life Series: 01 // End Of Summer". Enjoy!

::::Listen/Download Life Series: 01 // End Of Summer - T.Shirt::::

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