Thursday, May 19, 2011

Highlife EP // Thierry Roland

The Canadian French/Disco House producer/DJ Thierry Roland graces our ears once again with his latest release, Highlife EP. With remixes by Yella Finesse, Ecxellior, DJ Kross and DeeJMD, this EP is sure to hit our dancefloors in full swing. Thierry Roland also made 2 cool ass videos for "Highlife" & "Falling In Love". Sexy chicks in bikinis tanning on the beach or on a car waterbed is ALWAYS a great look, and I really like the sampling he uses on both tracks. They have a great energy and sound to bring in those Summer nights. I'm definitely putting these tracks on my DJ sets. Make sure to like the Highlife EP on Facebook. Also you can check out more music updates, remixes and originals from Thierry Roland on Twitter and SoundCloud. Enjoy!


  1. Cool EP. I like the videos as well.

  2. Siiick tracks. Thanks dude for the post!