Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Video // "Derezzed" - Daft Punk

MTV has premiered the new music video from Daft Punk called "Derezzed" for the upcoming Disney movie, Tron: Legacy. In the clip which I suspect was directed by Daft Punk themselves, the French duo enter Flynn's arcade to play a game of "Derezzed", whose machine is modeled after the cabinet seen in the original film, Tron (even the original Tron logo font is replicated). Upon playing the game, they're transported not to the world of Tron: Legacy, but rather the spartan virtual landscape of the classic Tron. Enjoy, I know I did! Make sure to go see Tron: Legacy, which hits theaters Dec. 17. You can also purchase Tron: Legacy Original Movie Soundtrack, which is out now and on sale at Amazon for only $3.99.

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