Monday, February 22, 2010

T.Shirt x Darvin Silva 'Tan Face Children EP' - Monday Massacre (Official) Release

Very happy to announce this right here. In a first-ever collaboration with The Connoisseurs Of Culture, a progressive media collective comprised of, Different Kitchen (DifferentKitchen.blogspot.comand Pleasedontstare.comT.Shirt and I come together to bring you our debut EP, Tan-Face Children. You're gonna get  some real interesting and colorful verses from T.Shirt this time around, over real underground, crazy-worldly beats. I hand-picked all the music and went to town on final mixes haha.

*We kick things off with 'Monday Massacre', you might have heard it a few months ago but you never heard the full mastered version. Do yourself a favor and get the official joint. If you never heard the song, it's a 'frighteningly' strong track which puts you right in the pocket of what we're thinking musically. Produced by Mr. Oizo and myself, ill rapper T.Shirt takes you down to what sounds like an illegal dogfight in a London basement. Yeah, that's what the fuck we on right now. Tan-Face Children drops world-wide March 9th.

Read the official Press Release here

*Dred took the photo and Fern made it look like that, he actually has a little before and after shot you can see here. My friends are ill.

Shout to T.Shirt!

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