Monday, December 19, 2011

Art Basel Miami 2011: UR NEW YORK "Breaking & Entering"

I had the privilege to be with my good friends and brothers UR NEW YORK on their first solo exhibition for Art Basel Miami 2011, "Breaking & Entering". The exhibition was a great and detailed demonstration of UR NEW YORK's vast range and ability to continuously produce groundbreaking urban inspired art. Artists Michael "2ESAE" Baca and Fernando "Ski" Romero are perfect examples of true urban artists that are committed to breaking and entering into the mainstream; letting their art loose on the world and all the while breaking the status quo on their own terms. A great crowd of celebrities, artists and art aficionados alike came thru and showed mad love to all the unique pieces of UR NEW YORK. I'm truly inspired and proud of the progress and talent these dudes collectively have accomplished throughout the last couple of years. You can check out more artwork, post updates and upcoming events from UR NEW YORK here.

Photos by Str8evil Images

Videos by Hot Mop Films

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